Creating a venue


1. Log into the Admin Console here

2. Click on "Venues" using the navigation bar



3. Click on "+ New Venue" located in the top navigation



4. Type in the name of your venue into "Venue Name". If you type in a publicly recognizable location Spirit will attempt to autofill the rest of the information.



5. Type in the address of your venue and click "Search". Your venue should appear on the map



6. Drag the Spirit logo and adjust the edges of the Spirit Points Circle to fit around the venue. We recommend making the circle a little bigger than the venue to account for GPS inaccuracy. Any user inside the Spirit Points Circle will receive points for checking in to an event at this venue



7. Click "Create"


Venue Name The name of the venue (Ex: Football Stadium, Stadium)
Address Line 1 Address line 1 for your venue
Address Line 2 Address line 2 for your venue.This value is optional
City The city your venue is in
State The state your venue is in
Zip code Your venue's Zip Code

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