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User permissions allow users in your organization to administer certain aspects of Spirit. Any user in your organization can be granted a permission. For example you might want a certain user to only have the ability to edit events but not see user data. Permissions are the perfect way to handle this.

Heads up! This action requires the "Edit Users" permission. If you do not have this permission you will not be able to change a user's permission. Your organization's administrator has the ability to give you this permission. You also don't have the ability to change your own permissions or the permissions of your school's main administrator (Whoever created the account originally).

Edit user permissions

  1. Log into the Admin Console here
  2. Locate the navigation bar on the left of the screen (If you are on a mobile device you might have to click the hamburger icon ☰ in the top left corner to reveal the navigation bar).
  3. Click on "Users" using the navigation bar, an additional dropdown will appear.
  4. Click on "All Users" in the new dropdown.
  5. Click on the user you would like to give admin permissions to. The search bar in the top right can help you find them
  6. Under "Permissions" check the permissions you would like this user to have. A description of each permission is provided below.
  7. Click "Save"


Permission Description
Edit Events Allows a user to edit and create events. They also must have the "View Events" permission
View Events Allows a user to view events and analytics
Edit Users Allows a user to create, edit, and manage other users. They also must have the "View Users" permission
View Users Allows a user view user's settings and information
Edit Venues Allows a user to edit and create venues. They also must have the "View Venues" permission
View Venues Allows a user to view venues in the admin console
Edit Notifications Allows a user to send notifications and messages to other users. They must also have the "View Notifications" permission
View Notifications Allows a user to view notification analytics

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