Awarding points

Clint Winter
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Sometimes you might want to manually award a user points for doing something other than checking in. Let's say you're doing a canned food drive and a user donates 5 cans of food. You might want to award them 5 points. Let's take a look at how to do this.

1. Log in to the admin console here, or you can sign in, and click on “Open Admin Console” at the top of your “Spotlight” page.

2. Using the main navigation bar on the left, click on "Users" then select "All Users".


3. Locate the account of the user you would like to "Award Points".


4. Click on the “Award Points" button under the points total.


5. Enter what points are for. (Exp. canned food drive, volunteering, tutoring, etc.), and total number of points. When done select “Save” and your points will be added!Screen_Shot_2019-02-26_at_5.45.51_PM.png

Heads up! This action requires the "Edit Users" permission. If you do not have this permission you will not be able to award points. Your organization's administrator has the ability to give you this permission.


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