Creating announcements with Canva

by Connor Updated

We know designing things can be hard, that's why we partnered with the best to help you create some amazing looking announcements! To use our Canva integration, you'll need a free Canva account. If you'd rather upload your own image, you can do that too!


To begin, go to the announcements editor, click on "New Announcement", and then "Design in Canva".

Use the Canva editor to make your design. If you need help, Canva have some helpful tips and tricks here. Once you've finished your design click "Publish" to save the announcement to Spirit. From here set a title for the announcement, and optionally, a URL for the announcement to link to. You can also set "Show From" and "Show To" to schedule when the announcement is visible. 

Click on "Create" and your announcement will be scheduled!

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